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The purpose of the Mid Missouri Mudslingers is to promote the sport of Off Road recreation through safety training and respect for the environment. We are predominately a family oriented group that enjoys riding off road vehicles and having good family fun with a further goal of promoting user cooperation with other outdoor and environmentally aware citizens. Our membership ranges from children to older adults.

Look HereChange in Mid Missouri Mudslingers Status

   Due to a lack of interest and participation by the off road community in the area, the Mid Missouri Mudslingers will not renew its non for profit status with the state of Missouri when it comes due in August of 2010.
   While the few members who are still involved in the club plan to maintain some sort of  ORV affiliation, with out the non for profit status, the club will not be eligible for any form of government assistance or public money for the improvement or maintenance of any public ridding area, much less continuing the project at the Cooper Creek ORV area.
   We realize that the club required a lot of work and not much in the way of club activities, but a project of this scope takes a lot of work to get rolling. With out the continued support of public who uses Cooper Creek there is no way we can justify the personal time and expense involved to keep this rolling. With out continued public support and involvement the ridding area will deteriorate.
   The website will be moving from its .ORG domain to the .COM soon, so please update your bookmarks.
   If you have any comments or wish to hold a discussion please visit the message board.

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If there are any questions, contact one of the club officers .


The club will not renew its not for profit status when it comes due in August.
The web site will be moving from the .org to the .com domain soon.
1/29/2009 Meeting and workday schedule updated
10/29/2008 Elections results posted
10/18/2008 Club elections
10/4/2008 Installation of the fence has started.
10/3/2008 Club officers nominations posted


Deepwater is reopened. Info click here.
6/20/2008 Deepwater closed due to high water till further notice.
05/09/2008 Lake conditions will be posted ever few days. This affects the ridding area.

A Note From The Mid Missouri Mudslingers

   This project was started and completed over the last 4 years by a small group of people who put in many untold hours and at some considerable personal financial expense. While we are proud of what we have accomplished, we are also disappointed in the interest shown by the off road community in general about helping to keep our ridding area open. We realize that not everyone can put the time we have on this project due to driving distance, employment and other such issues. But we also know that there are more people out there that can do more to help.
   We have been contacted by many people in the past 4 years, and only a handful have shown up at work days, joined the club, help support the club financially or even given any moral support. Those people know who they are, and the club administration would like to take this opportunity to thank them.

   As for the rest of the off road community, it is time to step up and take action. While the grant project "should" ensure the ability for public use of Cooper Creek in the future, there is never any true guarantees. With out more efforts in the future, the ridding area will fall back into the state it was before any one took any interest in it. There is no way only a small handful of people can do this. It will take the effort of a large group.
   Also, we feel it is time others put in the effort our small group has to keep Cooper Creek going. Many people use this facility, leaving it to a few to do the work of keeping it going. This is not right. It is time for everyone who uses Cooper Creek to help. With out more involvement from the off road community our club can not continue to be a viable entity. Our small group of volunteers can no longer justify keeping the club going at our expense to help keep Cooper Creek open while a great majority of those who use the facility do nothing to help.

   With out our club, there was a real chance that Cooper Creek was going to be closed down permanently. With out continued efforts the possibility still exits. We did loose the north ridding area if you do need an example of what was going on. More people need to become involved with this to ensure that Cooper Creek remains open and continues to see improvement.
   If you are interested in helping with the on going project of improving Cooper Creek, attend our meeting on October 17, 2009, 10:00 am at the Cooper Creek ORV parking lot.


In the spring of 2005 there was a real possibility that the Cooper Creek ORV park could be closed. There were issues with safety, out of bounds riding, hot dogging in the parking area and many others. The U.S. Corps of Engineers decided that it was time for a group to step up and help out. The Corps held a public meeting, and a group of people in attendance decided to get together and form a club for this purpose. There were more meetings with the Corps, representatives from the Division of Natural Resources and others. A plan was put forth, and that group of people formed the Mid Missouri Mudslingers.

By the end of the year much of the ground work to put the plan into action had been laid. The Mudslingers had incorporated into a non for profit group listed with the state of Missouri. This was necessary to qualify to apply for a grant from the Division of Natural Resources to finance the first stages of this plan.

In early 2006 the Mudslingers applied for the grant. It was announced in January of 2007 that they had received a grant in the amount of $62,000. There are many requirement that have to be met to fulfill the terms set forth in receiving the grant. One of them is a 20% match in labor. The DNR has set hourly rates for different types of labor. It is estimated that approximately 1,100 to 1,200 hours are needed to fulfill the this requirement. Once the grant is completed, by law Cooper Creek must remain open for 25 years.

At present, the main purpose of the Mid Missouri Mudslingers is to complete this grant, implement further phases of the plan, and help with general improvements at Cooper Creek. As time goes on, and the improvements get rolling, the club plans on also focusing on more fun stuff also, such as group rides to other off road ridding destinations. There have been many ideas tossed around at club meetings about events that we can do. With the help of the off road community it is hoped that the Mid Missouri Mudslingers will be around for a long time helping make the off road experience better on for all.

If you have any questions, email me at webmaster@midmissourimudslingers.com

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