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The Cooper Creek Information Page


   Normal Lake Pool -- 706' above sea level. As of July 9, lake pool is 708', 2' above normal --Riding area is open. Riding area closes at 20' above normal.

   At 10' above normal, many low laying areas are under water and the creek that runs east and west thru the middle of the ridding area is up, making access to the south side difficult. Use the east west trail to go to the west end of the ridding area to find a safe passage to the south.
   At 15' above normal, all low laying areas are flooded. Caution is advised. Many areas are not accessible. If planning a trip Deepwater, be sure to check the Corps of Engineers website for the latest lake information. It is not uncommon for the lake to rise over a foot a day.

Remember, it can be hard to tell how deep a water hole is and impossible to tell if there are any drops offs.

For current lake conditions and weather info click here.
United States Corps of Engineers Cooper Creek information page.


As set by the U.S.C.O.E.

For an aerial picture of the Cooper Creek riding area click here.

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