Rules and Registration Procedures--UPDATED

Please read this before registration of if this is your first visit to our forum.

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Rules and Registration Procedures--UPDATED

Post by Administrator » Sun Jun 19, 2016 9:12 am

If you are already registered, you need to take no action, this will not affect you.


Welcome to the Mid Missouri Mudslingers round table. This is a family type board. So here are a few simple rules so people of all ages can enjoy discussing all issues here.

1. No abusive language! Any posts with abusive language will be edited or cause the post to be removed.
2. No "hate" posts. Discriminatory language will not be acceptable under any circumstances.
3. Try to keep all posts in the proper category. Posts that are deemed in the wrong area will be moved to the appropriate area, not deleted. So if you cant find your post, look around, it may have been moved.
4. No spam allowed. If the only reason you register and post is to promote a commercial interest, your post may be edited and/or deleted, and/or your account may be deactivated or deleted. It is solely up to the admin group's discretion for account and post approval.
5. NO links to commercial websites allowed in your signature or profile unless relevant. Admin will decide what is relevant.
6. NO personal attacks. Good natured ribbing is allowed, but know when enough is enough.
7. A valid email address must be supplied. Any accounts not using a valid email address will be deleted at the discretion off the board administration.
8. If complaints are received from other board users about messages containing inappropriate subject matter or links the message may be edited or removed at the administration's discretion.
9. Any violations of the rules or terms of use may be grounds for account suspension, banning or deletion at the discretion of administration.
10. By completing and submitting the registration form you hereby grant permission to the admin group to submit your username, email address and/or i.p. address to Stop Forum Spam for the purpose of comparing it to their database to insure we can keep spam to a minimum on our discussion board.
11. Any account may be deleted, suspended or deactivated by the Admin Group at any time for any reason.

Reasonable commercial interest postings, if relevant to the sport of off road ridding, are allowed as deemed fit by the Admin Group. Lets face it, if you have nothing constructive to add to our discussion, we don't need you using our band width and storage space for free advertising. We are a non for profit group.

Discussion on issues posted here is encouraged. Just keep it clean and try not to get personal about it. Just remember, everyone has their own opinion on any given subject.

The rules and terms of use of this board are subject to change without notice at the discretion of administration.


  • Read the rules.
    Navigate to and fill out the registration page.
    Then follow directions received during the registration procedure.
A valid email address must be supplied. Any accounts not using a valid email address will be deleted at the discretion of the board administration.

If account validation is not completed within 48 hours account may be deleted at admin discretion.

If registration procedures are not completed as per instructions deletion of account may occur.

To keep spam to a minimum and keep the board running smoothly, all account activations are subject to administration approval or restrictions.

The rules for registration and maintaining accounts are subject to change at anytime with out notice at the discretion of administration.